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A higher native display resolution typically allows to use screen fuller when using integer-ratio scaling. For example, at the 320240 resolution typical for DOS games, just 89% of the height of a Full HD (19201080) display is used (used 960 of 1080 pixels with the ratio of 4), while the height of a 4K monitor is used entirely (scale is exactly 9).

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Windows automatically applies DPI scaling to applications and games not declared as HiDPI-compatible (DPI-aware). With DPI scaling applied, user interface of the application is enlarged as a bitmap image with a ratio that matches the OS-level zoom. For example, at the OS-level zoom of 200%, such applications are enlarged twice horizontally and twice vertically.

A lower-than-native resolution may be used for the purpose of increasing performance in games (especially on laptops) or in games that work incorrectly at the native screen resolution, and also for running HiDPI-incompatible software that has graphical or functional issues with DPI scaling in Windows.

Compatibility with games and limitations are similar to those of transform filters in nVidia Linux driver: scaling is only possible for games running in windowed or pseudo-full-screen (borderless) mode.

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