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FootBall Generation 2009 [FULL RiP] Crack

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FootBall Generation 2009 [FULL RiP] Crack

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Tim Alchimia 2021-04-08 Hi, thanks for leaving your opinion. You make some good points regarding the proliferation of "bag seed elite" clones but any grower who has worked with them will tell you that those cultivars (OG Kush, Sour Diesel, GG4, Chemdog, etc.) are famous for their readiness to show intersex characteristics, even under just a little stress. Hermaphroditism is indeed a characteristic that will be passed on in the genetics of seeds made with this type of clone and will take several generations of careful breeding to get under control. On the other side of the coin, there are varieties that will not show hermie traits, no matter how much you stress them. If it wasn't a genetic issue then this would be impossible.You're entirely wrong about the method used to make fem seeds though. The vast majority of feminised seeds available on the market are produced using STS spray and the resulting male flowers are not the result of stressing the plant but are caused by the chemicals applied blocking the production of ethylene, the phytohormone needed to produce female flowers. I really don't think anyone's been making feminised seeds by stressing their plants for a long time now, that method has been proven time and time again to result in hermaphrodite offspring and it is one of the main reasons that fem seeds had such a bad hermie reputation for so long. A good reliable breeder will only use plants for making feminised seeds that have previously been thoroughly stress-tested and proven to have no intersex traits. Any plants with a tendency to produce male flowers under stress should be rejected as they will pass that characteristic on to their progeny. Once the plants without intersex traits are selected, the STS is applied to induce male flowers. The resulting seeds will have a far greater chance of being sexually stable than those made from plants with intersex characteristics. Of course, a good grower will be able to cultivate some hermie-prone genetics without any problems, as you've proven with your Jack Herer bag seeds. The problem is that not everyone who grows is a good grower, and not all genetics have the same level of instability: some varieties will show a couple of male flowers at the end of the flowering period while others will bust out the balls in the first few weeks of flowering. This means that a "sexually unstable" variety that is completely fine in your grow room conditions may well react adversely to the conditions in another person's grow. Trust me, a fully stable variety will basically take anything that a novice grower can throw at it and still not develop any male flowers, otherwise, we'd be dealing with hermie complaints all the time and with all varieties, whereas in reality that's not the case. Considering the sheer number of seeds we sell, we only get relatively very few complaints of that nature and almost always with determined varieties or genetic families. I hope that helps to clear up a few misconceptions. Best wishes and happy growing!

SteveO 2015-09-30 cont- you tell me My house is this little tiny dinky home I rent with bedrooms so small I would use them to raise my pet. ridiculous , who sleeps in a room this small. What did the builder do build a house for the Ringling Brothers Circus. like the clowns that come out of the car. I swear the rooms are lucky to be 8x8. Can't wait to move to a house that actually has some room to work. I believe this is one of my biggest problems is I am literally completely cramped up in this little box thinking I'm gona get rid of the pollen. I believe the amount of pollen that has developed in this home is so much so that it sits in every crack and crany. so i'm at a loss. I can only clean the friggen this that is this small so many times before I literally rip my hair out. Do you folks out there think tents might help me gain some control over this crap. I swear now that I pretty much cleared the room of plant , there is like al layer of pollen everywhere in here, what a joke. to come so close to fixing this shit and now all over again. You know its insane cause I DID have a run with these strains with NOT one seed. Just after I painted and put the tile in . What a Joke! Ridiculous! Oh yeah did I tell you that also in the past year I had a homeless guy that literally jumped out in front of my turning truck , and when I had absolutely no time to move out of the way I struck him . I don't drink , I wasn't high or on drugs, in fact I was just slowly turning the corner when all the sudden bam there he is about a foot and ahalf in front of my truck. He then ran home immediately after the accident , called my insurance company to file full claim. So It hasn't been the greatest year form me . All I want is to grow my own meds instead of buying the garbage they sell in the stores. You know , even through all the crap I go thru to do this , I will never kneel to the despensaries , they can sck m,,d. They're bud is complete crap. Its as if they get a good strain and simply don't feed it anything but water. Until I figure this all out I will just keep going, Never quit Period!!! Even The stuff I create is better than the crap they put out so I guess that's what really matters,.

SteveO 2015-09-30 What really gets to me is that I can remember like it was yesterday when I got these seeds. I went , grew them , they looked badass all thick and full and lush and pure female looking plants, then I went to flower , all looked absolutely incredible, evry plant was blasting buds and pistols . I was growing them in drip buckets , so they were nice and mature, in flower they al got to be about 3 ft or so nice and thick with buds, and then I started to see problems ,,,, about five weeks into flower , the plants just couldn't take the light leaks anymore, and they started making seeds. well I had never had this problem before .. I grew at the other house and had no problem.. Ive been a tile and stone mason for going on thirty years now , so my back is in shambles. I come home every day feeling like an nfl football player after a intense game of being beaten. so thru my battles, and all im trying to do is grow my own frikkin meds. im not trying to get rich , or to become a drug dealer. just want to be successful growing my own frikkin meds.I had no trouble when I was under the radar, now that I'm doing everything completely legal its a frikkin nightmare. So , like I said I was good at growing at the other house . no problems. but I only had one strain that was given to me. so I knew I had a good plant. And it was in a basement which is easier to blackout. The problem I had in the new house with the new seeds is that for the five weeks that THOSE seeds grew and flowered , I had been allowing light to leak in from multiple places, like all over the fikkin place, so I freaked out and immediately went into action , sealing everything up, constantly throwing away tainted plants as fast as I could produce them, due to them going hermi. I was killing them, and still am as fast as they get tainted. Until I find the culprit , I will continue to rid the bad ones. I found one plant as weird as it seems ," Delicious seeds critical super silver haze, that , every time grow long armlong buds and now im in there rubbing my hands up and down the bud and I cant see any seeds, or and male flowers ,buds smell nice, but the bud is literally coated with dust, and i'm sure its not dust from being dirty, it pollen dust, so you tell me how that's possible, no seeds, no male floweres on it , smells good , seems to be nice long bud , but dry and powdery with what I believe to be pollen dust. For the first five weeks of flowering, they were the best flowering plants I had ever had, so I am having a hard time believing its the seeds, cause I can tell you that I know for a fact that if I was to order a bunch more feminized seeds from bonza and grew them , then flowered them , the result would be the same until the pollen gets ahold of them. I just cant seem to figure out WHERE its originating from. for all I know some asshole is next door making fcking seeds for a living. gee maybe I should go into seed making, id be much more successful. So once I stared realizing I had an issue I went online and started actually learning how to do all of this, only to end up having the worst luck the whole time. All I'm saying is that all I can remember is that these plants , these, strains , initially came up and were the most incredible plants I had ever grown until I -realized from educating myself on the computer that light leaks will cause your good female flowering plants to hermaphrodite into hermis. Well obviously I was too late to learn ,cause for the past , now one full year, I have yet to eradicate this pollen development in my house.

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