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The Big Journey [key]

The journey for the key players in the Great Migration, the roughly two million wildebeest, starts in the south of the Serengeti, with the birth of half a million calves between January and March. A favourite season for many of the seasoned Serengeti guides: the air during these months is full of new life and action. Read all about Africa's biggest wildlife event on this page.

The Big Journey [key]


As mentioned earlier, the timings outlined on this page concern guidelines as exceptions occur frequently. In November 2013, the wildebeest already started trekking back to the southern Serengeti short-grass plains when suddenly it started raining north of the Mara River. Nature is as nature does and the herd turned around, back into the Masai Mara in Kenya. The herd stayed there for about three weeks before resuming their southbound journey. A year later, in 2014, freak rains in the southern Serengeti caused much of the herd to remain behind and not make the northbound journey towards the Western Corridor up to July.

The Great Loop is a continuous waterway that recreational mariners can travel that includes part of the Atlantic, Gulf Intracoastal Waterways, the Great Lakes, Canadian Heritage Canals, and the inland rivers of America's heartland. Anyone who completes the journey is then named an official 'Looper.'

The Book of the Dead for Modern Times provides a text which can be read by relatives or friends to assist the person who has died in their afterlife journey. It is accompanied by practical instructions on how to do the reading.

It has been a great journey at EIT Digital on digital innovation, education and entrepreneurship in Europe, and I want to thank all colleagues at EIT Digital and our partners for the fruitful collaboration for more than a decade.

Here is a short synopsis of movie: "The film relives one of the greatest tales of adventure and exploration in history, as National Geographic brings to life the epic journey of Lewis, Clark, their guide Sacagawea and the brave Corps of Discovery across the land that would become the United States. Now, two hundred years after the launch of this ambitious expedition, experience first-hand the danger and breathtaking beauty of the unknown West as it unfolded before the eyes of Lewis & Clark."

Little Amal, a 3.5 metre puppet, visited Rochdale Town Centre this week, as she made her penultimate stop on her epic 8,000km journey from the Turkish-Syrian border to the UK in the search of her mother. Amal was whole-heartedly welcomed by everyone in the town, including our very own RSFC Student Union.

Since July, Amal has been met by crowds of people along her journey as she raises awareness of the plight of young migrants and represents the millions of displaced children around the world. She has travelled through Turkey, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, and France, following the route that a child migrant from Syria might take to travel to the UK to find refuge.

In RSFC, 41 nationalities are represented among the student body, something of which we are extremely proud. Little Amal is a symbol of the courage and perseverance that refugees display in their ever-striving journey to safety, she is a light in a world of darkness.

Little Amal reached the end of her journey at Castlefield Bowl on November 3rd. Thousands of people cheered her on along the way and she was greeted with cheers and applause. In a powerful finale, the voice of a woman - Amal's lost mother - echoed out - and she walked off through smoke to greet her and to start their new life in Manchester.

Businesses who want to complete this journey of big data to smart data successfully cannot just rely on a set of data experts or professional testers. Instead, they need cross-functional teams comprising data scientists, quality engineers, ethical hackers, etc., along with a bunch of advanced testing tools.

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