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[S3E17] Get A Grip

Having changed sidearms in both Season 1 and Season 2, both FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) begin carrying yet a different sidearm, in this case the Smith & Wesson 5906 (marking the first and only time in the show both characters are issued the same weapon), which they use for almost all of Season 3. FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) also has a S&W 5906 as his carry weapon in Season 3. Other FBI agents and police officers are occasionally seen with S&W 5906s as well. An assassin also wields a 5906 in "Avatar" (S3E21). Part of Smith & Wesson's 'Third Generation' semiautos, the 5906 is chambered to fire 9x19mm Luger (Parabellum) ammunition, has fully ambidextrous safety levers, a one piece rear wraparound grip and construction is all stainless steel. The S&W 5906s used in the show by Mulder, Scully, and Skinner (and reused by other characters) are later models with the rounded trigger guards, and also feature adjustable rear sights and blue-steel (black) triggers and hammers. Given the considerable number of good showings of the pistols throughout the season, they were likely featured in the show as promotional 'hero guns'.

[S3E17] Get a Grip

NOTE: Several users have previously suggested that these pistols might be the Smith & Wesson 1076 in 10mm, which was briefly used by the FBI. This is incorrect; the 1076 has a single-stack frame, while the pistols in the show have double-stack frames. The show's guns are not the .40-caliber Smith & Wesson 4006, because the 4006's frame features checkering on the grip, missing on the show's Smith & Wessons (the 5906 frame has vertical grooves on the grip). Thus, the show's pistols can only be the model S&W 5906. The S&W 1076 can be easily distinguished from the 5906, as the 1076 is hammerless, has no manual safety and a frame mounted de-cocking lever. Both the 1000 and the 4000-series pistols also feature straight backstraps, not curved like the 5900s. This is a TV show, not real life, and movie/television armorers have always tended to use 9mm pistols rather than larger calibers, because 9mm blanks are more reliable to cycle in pistols than larger calibers.

Customized Remington 870s are seen wielded by several FBI agents conducting an entry and arrest near the beginning of "Grotesque" (S3E14). The shotguns feature short barrels and forends with Butler Creek tactical synthetic loop pump-grips, forend mounted weaponslights, pistol grips with full buttstocks, as well as heatshields over the barrels and door-breaching muzzle brakes. Though some of these features are not clearly seen, they match those of custom Remington 870s that have appeared in the films Timecop, Crying Freeman, and several other movies and TV shows filmed in British Columbia. One of these shotguns also previously appeared in the first season, lacking the weaponlight and full stock.

A custom Ithaca 37 "Stakeout" with a chrome finish on the magazine tube and an MP5K-style pump-grip is briefly glimpsed in the hands of FBI agents in "Grotesque" (S3E14) and "Pusher" (S3E17). This gun can also be seen in several episodes of the television series Supernatural, Human Target, Painkiller Jane, and several other TV shows filmed in British Columbia. Here the gun only has the mag tube chromed, while in the other appearances both barrel and tube are chromed (the additional chroming of the weapon likely occurred later).

On the other hand, Bill has a fun turn as a wino Santa, and the night scores an indelibly fascinating Mr. Mike piece, "The Soiled Kimono." I've been curious about it for a while since I understand it to be one of O'Donoghue's masterpieces, and even if it's not the funniest thing ever penned, there's something very striking about it. It feels like a strange exercise in world-building, fleshing Mr. Mike out as more than just a dick but some all-powerful, antagonistic force with a Sisyphean grip on those who come to him for mercy, or at least a twisted bedtime story. it was atmospheric, cinematic, and just a hair opaque, but it left me wanting to see more of this strange little universe O'Donoghue concocted; I was eating right out of the palm of his hand, which I'm sure is exactly what he wanted and got off to.

Ah, Steve Martin! I always walk into the next hosting gig of his in these years with equal parts excitement and skepticism; his past episodes have seldom worked amazingly for me, and even if his last one felt like a step in the right direction, I'd be remiss not to acknowledge the points in which it struggles. But with his fourth hosting gig, it feels like the show is finally getting more of a grip on how to imbue its sensibilities with Steve's; there's a really nice marriage of their styles, and while I still think we're not really at peak SNL, we're having a good time.

Her wand is 14 inches of swishy willow wood with a phoenix feather core.[7] An actual wand was crafted by RandomRaye and described as follows: It has a natural design, an intriguing color. a rough and extremely long blade, a rose quartz grip, a curvy flow, a rosy shimmer, and a light rosy tone. It has more weight resting in the grip. The rose quartz in the grip has eccentric powers. It resources trust and harmony and relationships, is known to purify and open the heart, and promotes friendship, love, self-love, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.

In order to reconcile this, I asked myself, "Why do people stay in fraught situations? And what is it about this one in particular that maintains a grip on her?" For me, it has come down to a few different things in the course of the series. When she is in over her head, she needs him. When she was a fugitive or, early on, forced to work at a higher level in the FBI than she had any business being involved, his devotion to her was useful. It was also intriguing, which isn't enough for her to suffer some of the things that his world brings, but it's part of his allure. I think the most important thing that keeps her coming back is her allegiance to the people in her task force and their mission. They are stopping some pretty nefarious characters and, at this point, that has felt more important than any of her other options in life. 041b061a72

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