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Mp Fix V3 Aliens Colonial Marines

Mp fix v3 aliens colonial marines

Aliens: Colonial Marines is a squad-based first-person shooter game that was released in 2013 by Gearbox Software and Sega. The game is based on the Alien film franchise and features a story that is set after the events of the 1986 film Aliens. The game received mixed to negative reviews from critics and fans, who criticized its graphics, gameplay, story, and artificial intelligence (AI).


One of the most common complaints about the game was its poor AI, which made the enemies behave in unrealistic and unchallenging ways. The xenomorphs, the iconic alien creatures from the films, were often seen running in straight lines, getting stuck in walls, or ignoring the player. The friendly marines, who were supposed to assist the player in combat, were also prone to glitches and errors, such as shooting at nothing, blocking the player's path, or dying easily.

To address these issues, some fans of the game decided to create mods that would improve the AI and other aspects of the game. One of these mods is TemplarGFX's ACM Overhaul, which is a comprehensive mod that includes fixes to AI, weapons, graphics, balancing and more for the main campaign, Statis Interrupted and Bug Hunt in SP and COOP. The mod aims to make the game more immersive, suspenseful, and faithful to the Alien franchise.

One of the features of TemplarGFX's ACM Overhaul is the MP Fix V3, which is a patch that improves the multiplayer mode of the game. The MP Fix V3 adds new characters, weapons, maps, modes, and options to the multiplayer mode, as well as fixes bugs and glitches. Some of the new features include:

  • A new character class: The Boiler, which is a xenomorph that can explode and damage nearby enemies.

  • A new weapon: The WY Smart Rifle, which is a powerful rifle that can lock on targets and fire homing bullets.

  • A new map: Hadley's Hope, which is based on the colony from the film Aliens.

  • A new mode: Escape, which is a co-op mode where the marines have to escape from the xenomorphs.

  • A new option: Custom Difficulty, which allows the player to adjust various parameters of the game difficulty.

The MP Fix V3 also enhances the graphics and performance of the multiplayer mode, making it more visually appealing and smooth. The MP Fix V3 is compatible with TemplarGFX's ACM Overhaul V6.2, which is the latest version of the mod as of September 2020. The MP Fix V3 can be downloaded from Mod DB, where it has received positive feedback from users who praised its improvements to the multiplayer mode.

In conclusion, MP Fix V3 aliens colonial marines is a patch that enhances the multiplayer mode of Aliens: Colonial Marines, a game that was criticized for its poor AI and gameplay. The patch is part of TemplarGFX's ACM Overhaul mod, which is a comprehensive mod that fixes and improves various aspects of the game. The patch adds new features, fixes bugs, and improves graphics and performance to make the multiplayer mode more enjoyable and faithful to the Alien franchise.

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