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Fresh Fabric Treats: 16 Yummy Projects To Sew F... __EXCLUSIVE__

I received a stack of fat eighths as a gift from my friend Sherri last fall, from her new line of Sincerely Yours, and the question of what to do with this yummy range of fabrics has been percolating in my head ever since.

Fresh Fabric Treats: 16 Yummy Projects to Sew f...

Create totally personalized labels for your quilts and other projects by learning the art of hand lettering on fabric. You'll have a chance to practice the basics, then decorate your own customized 5" square.

I just tried some of the yogurt after making it lastnight it turned out so perfect yummy thank you so much for the recipe .No problems I have some fresh grapes so going to put them in it and take some to my neighbor after a bit. 041b061a72

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