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VA - Time Blues: Blues Collection Vol.1-25 (2008)

Fontana TL 5225 (Germany 1964) = Fontana 885 411 MY (UK 1964)= Fontana 885411 TY L+R 42.024 (Germany 1980)= LR CD-2024= disc 4 of Evidence 5 CD setECD 26200 (=) Philips/Phonogram SFL-7385 (Germany 1969) "American Folk Blues Festival 63-64 - A documentation of the authentic blues featuring the best blues artists of America"notes by Karlheinz Drechsel Amiga 850 043 (GDR 1964) "American Folk Blues" = Scout Sc-4 (1969) "Hubert's 'American' Blues !" (=) L+R 42.004 (Germany 1981) "Blues Anytime !" ACT CD 9204-2 (UK 1992)= L+R CDLR 72010 (Germany 1994)= Evidence ECD 26052 (US 1994)(=) Bellaphon CD (1996)"Blues Classics" 1965

VA - Time Blues: Blues Collection Vol.1-25 (2008)

Jimmy Reed. Cold Chills (Los Angeles: Antilles, 1975). LP record includes the blues song "Help Me at Dinnertime." Call Number: Antilles AN 7007. Check library catalog -- other recordings available of this song.

Sheldon Harris Collection. 1834-1998. Series 2: Sheet Music which consist primarily of minstrel songs, coon songs, blues, jazz, ragtime, and general popular music from 1834 to 1954 with the bulk around the turn of the twentieth century. Be aware that the minstrel and coon songs exhibit late nineteenth and early twentieth-century attitudes towards race. Collection contains the following in Box 52: "At the Coffee Cooler's Tea" by Alex Sullivan and Harry de Costa (New York: M. Witmark & Sons, 1918); "Jubilee March" by Samuel D. Brown (Leavenworth, KA: J.R. Bell, 1881) with cover art of African American caricature drawings in vignettes, one of which is eating watermelons at a table; "Dancing the Jelly Roll" by Nat Vincent and Herman Paley (New York: Jerome H. Remick & Co., 1915); "Darktown Barbeque" by Will Marion Cook (New York: John H. Cook Publishing Co., 1904); "I'm Gonna Bring a Watermelon to My Girl Tonight" by Billy Rose and Con Conrad (London: B. Feldman & Co., 1924); "Mammy Blossom's 'Possum Party" by Arthur Fields and Theodore Morse (New York: Feist, 1917); "Mammy Jinny's Jubilee" by L. Wolfe Gilbert and Lewis F. Muir (New York: F.A. Mills, 1913) with cover art featuring a crowd bearing gifts of a chicken, watermelon and flowers to Mammy Jinny. The following sheet music is contained in Box 53: "Pine Apple Rag" by Joe Snyder and Scott Joplin (New York: Seminary Music Co., 1910) with drawing of a pineapple on cover; "Remus Takes the Cake" by Jacob Henry Ellis (Willis Woodward & Co. (New York, 1896) with cover art of African American man proudly walking with a cake; "Shame on You" by Chris Smith and John Larkins (New York: 1904) with cover art of an African American preacher stealing a chicken; "The Smiler" by Percy Wenrich (Chicago: Arnett Delonaise Co., 1907) with cover art caricature of an African American male stealing a watermelon with an angry dog approaching from behind; "When the Boys from Dixie Eat the Melon on the Rhine" by Alfred Bryan and Ernest Breuer (New York: Richmond Publisher, 1918) with cover drawing of white male American troops unloading watermelons from a ship with a caricature inset of African American boys eating watermelons. Box 54 includes "Alabama Barbecue" by Benny Davis and J. Fred Coots (New York: Mills Music, 1936) with cover collage drawing of African Americans engaged in various activities. Box 55 includes the following: "Short'nin Bread" by Fred K. Huffer (Chicago: Calumet Music Co., 1939) with cover drawing of an African American woman holding shortening bread as two children jump in anticipation; "(You May Be Fast 'but') Your Mama's Gonna Slow You Down" by Gil Wells and Buddy Cooper (New York: Stark & Cowan, 1923) with cover silhouette of a rolling pin wielding woman holding a male. Box 57 contains "Oh How that Woman Could Cook" by Gus Kahn and Grace Le Boy (New York: Jerome H. Remick and Co., 1914) with cover drawing of a woman cooking and baking. 119 boxes. Note: Sheet music is available online in the Sheldon Harris digital collection.

Douglass in his own time : a biographical chronicle of his life, drawn from recollections, interviews, and memoirs by family, friends, and associates. Edited by John Ernest (Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 2014)

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