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iKeyMonitor Review 2021: Is It Worth It? - SpyDrill

besides that, ikeymonitor writes content from whatsapp to email automatically as soon as the device is turned on. therefore, parents can get a message in their emails when their children leave the office for school or college or when they are in a foreign country. and if you feel like the child may be communicating inappropriately with someone or a stranger, you can keep an eye on all their conversations with ease.

ikeymonitor full version apk 18

ikeymonitor can spy on contacts on your child's phone including phone call and sms logs, and can send emails automatically as soon as the phone is turned on. besides, it tracks even the phone's sms messages, whatsapp logs and viber logs for you.

compared with other apps, ikeymonitor allows users to export and share the phone's logs to a ftp server. for example, you can monitor your child's calls with whatsapp and his/her texts with viber using ikeymonitor.

ikeymonitor keylogger for iphone enables you to know everything that your employees do on their devices and sends email notifications to you once keywords are triggered, making it easy for you to catch lazy or unethical employees. whats more, knowing what your employees typed in social media apps allows you to catch which employees are cheating, lying, even stealing the company assets.

in my first-hand experience with the geofencing feature of ikeymonitor, i figured that its not the best geofencing app out there but you can expect decent performance from it. i say it because it may fail to send an alert to your email sometimes when it records that the target person has entered or exited the virtual fence.

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