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Watch Avatar The Last Airbender 2003 S01E01

I was actually first introduced to Buffy via the movie, which I honestly liked (I was 8, don't judge!) but I didn't start watching the show until it started airing with some regularity in my country in 2003. I was instantly hooked though and I've re-watched it countless times since then. Still, it's been a few years since I last watched the pilot episode and it was a lot of fun watching it again, sure it's cheesy but I can't be objective at all in my opinions on it because my brain just goes "I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH OMG" and I am blinded to any flaws ?

Watch Avatar The Last Airbender 2003 S01E01

A show from a simpler time when we were skewering hipsters and taking it easy. Each episode can be enjoyed on its own, but watching it from start to finish is also a blast. Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein created a perfect time capsule parody of all of the most ridiculous fads we were partaking in just a few years ago. 041b061a72

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